Head of Digital Marketing

Blackbird Garage Chicago, IL

We’re looking for an experienced digital marketing leader that can build a world class paid social media team.  This isn't your first rodeo.  You know how to hire and train.  You can efficiently scale operations with the right tools and processes.  And on top of that, your teams deliver incredible results for clients.

What we do, and how we do it:

Blackbird Garage is a digital ad agency that specializes in direct response customer acquisition.  In our first 2 years of operating, we’ve helped 4 companies scale from around $1m in annual revenue to $30m+ annual run rates.  We have more clients on that same path.   How?  We’re experts at paid social advertising.  Think Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest ads.  We plan and optimize paid social campaigns.  We achieve scale, profitably.

Who we’re looking for:

You have deep experience in eCommerce and direct response marketing.  You’ve scaled revenue (profitably) from under $1m to tens of millions of dollars.  You’ve built a small team of performance marketers from scratch.  You know what it takes to train and motivate people to achieve optimal performance.   You’re now looking for an opportunity to do what you’ve done again, but on a much larger scale.

Skills & Attributes:

  • Deep knowledge of digital ad platforms, specifically Facebook, Pinterest, and Adwords.

  • Talented team leader that can lead by example.

  • Perfectionist: You obsess over making sure the little details are correct.

  • Quickly master new best practices and teach others to do the same.

  • Willing to take risks to achieve exceptional results.

  • Can see the big picture and boil it down to action that delivers results.

  • Can communicate effectively and concisely through email.

  • Adept ability to challenge people while maintaining trust.

  • Able to optimize your time and the time of your team.

  • Relentless in staying ahead of the curve on new strategies, advertising channels and conversion rate optimization techniques.

  • Strong desire to learn, comfortable in a fast-moving environment.

What you would do:

  • Be responsible for the overall performance of all of our paid media campaigns.

  • Recruit, hire, train, and manage a team of Digital Strategists.

  • Develop effective and efficient work processes for managing paid media campaigns.

  • Provide overall direction and strategy for the entire digital marketing team.

  • Identify, understand and adopt new techniques and emerging technologies as relevant to clients’ digital media strategies.

  • Identify and pounce on opportunities to scale growth for our clients.

  • Collaborate with senior leaders to develop and execute company strategy


  • Opportunity to help build what will be the world’s best paid social media agency.

  • Access to industry conferences.

  • Access to a leading shared work space in Chicago.

  • Free food: Breakfast once every other week.  Lunch once a week.  Fruit twice a week.

  • Fast moving, tight-knit team.

  • The equipment you need to be successful.


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